GeoLogger is for logging geo-data of Spot and Path. It is a geodata logging system on mobile devices as client-end application, and cloudly integrate with GeoProcessor on the server-end for processing bulked geodata.
(for purpose of business marketing , or traveling memorizing ).


Screenshot of logging "Spot" GeoData

Logging GPS Spot Location with selected icon.

Screenshot of logging "Path" GeoData

Tracking GPS Path with different selected icon, saved as individual path track.

Cultural heritage

Tainan is the city in southern Taiwan, and a city with lots of Cultural heritage, such as Confucian Temple of Tainan which was built in 1665.. In Tainan City the climate is most pleasant not too hot and not too cold year round. Many more old buildings with historic footprint can be toured and touch your heart.

Geo Location Server

GeoLogger is the client-sided App for collecting the Spot/Path GeoData Information according to the need of customer/end-user. Further Analysis of the data or presentation of the data is what makes integrated GeoInfo Software System worthy.

Map Analysis with clustered markers

Find out where we are.