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Lever Arch Folder Machinery

Lever Arch File Assembling Line : Throughput : 25-28 pcs/min. High Speed Twin Spool Edge Protector Forming and Setting Machine: Capacity: 35pcs ~ 40pcs/min Spine Pocket Welding Machine: Capacity: 25pcs ~ 30pcs /min.

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Clear Book Machinery

Fully Auto Clear Book Line with Auto Package System. 1. ST-102LSM Fully Auto PP Spine Label Pocket Welding Machine. 2. ST-CL 620 Fully Auto Clear Book Slip In Pocket Inserting and Bottom Sealing Machine. 3. ST-PK 030 Auto Packaging System

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Custom Automated Assembly Machine

Cost-Effective Assembly Design, Machine Modifications & Rebuilding Low Volume Manual Assembly Semi-Automated Assembly High- Volume Fully Automated Assembly

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Converting Machine (Paper and Plastics)

Industry Intelligence Innovation advanced technology for exceptional process efficiency and low total cost of ownership. Let equipment is a major investment for your business.

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Design in Smart Way, Manufacture with Quality
Specialize in Building Custom Automated Assembling Machine

Are your assembly line systems labor intensive and slow? Are you having trouble finding a machine to assemble your unique component? SUNTOP specializes in designing and building custom automated assembly machines with capabilities that far exceed typical assembly line systems

SUNTOP analyzes your manual assembly process and designs an automated assembly machine that can drastically reduce production time and significantly increase your product consistency. When your assembly machine does not exist, SUNTOP can engineer and build a solution that can handle your specific requirements.

  • 17 years in deisnging & building automated assembly line

  • expertised in mechanism, PLC & sensoring control

  • 5 years in OEM to ODM and now in OBM

  • Fabrication & Manufacturing in Shop with CPS-oriented Assembly Production System

Professional & experienced

We know what machinery need, and we are making serious business.


General Manager & R.D. Leader
Manufacturing Machines/ Assembly Machines/ Automated Jigs & Fixtures/ General Test Machines/ General Machine Design & Manufacturing/ Special Purpose Machines/

Beverly Ko

Marketing Leader
Marketing & Sales solutions/ development of a digital CRM capability/sales channel performance improvement/ brand positioning, pricing, and packaging strategy/

Richard Chiu

CPS Engineering Leader
Development of Management Information System/ Development of Geographics Information System/ Development of IoT Warehouse Management System/ Image Pattern Recognition of Product On-line Examination System/ Quality-based CPS4.0 Infrastructureal Design/

Henry Chu

Automation Engineering Leader
Managemnt of Surface Finishing Mechanical Parts/ Process Control Design of Automated Assembly Machine/ Assistant Professor of Automation & Mechanical Department of University of Kao Yuan University, Taiwan/ Consultant of Metal Industries Research & Development Centre, Taiwan/

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